Clone Fans

Anagha Bhat-Chandratrey: The idea of creating photo-clones was fun and creative. It took us less than 5 minutes to shoot the clones. Bhavesh emailed us our photos within 3 days. We found him nice to work with, prompt, and reliable.

Shashi Garad: I am very happy the way you have developed this technology.

Amol Rajmane: It's a very great idea which u have come up with. Keep it up!

Amol Maheshwary: Just one word…. Unbeatable ………..You Rock Buddy !!!!

Ravi Chaple: It is amazing experience to see clone photographs, one of the most amazing pictures I have seen so far. It truly speaks about your skill (Art) to come out with such magnificent creativity.

Sandip Mandake: It's really a different thing which I have ever seen or heard! I am very very thankful to you to increase my awareness in advanced technology.